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      Biometric technology: Gemalto's solutions and services

      ?????Our biometric technology and solutions enable government agencies to better solve crimes, prevent fraud in voting or public benefit applications, secure national borders, or protect identities for a variety of other applications, such as access control and employee/applicant background checks.

      We have more than 200 biometric deployments in 80 countries leveraging strong biometric authentication and identification around the world for customers at all levels of government worldwide.

      Building upon Cogent's 27 years of biometric technology expertise, Gemalto offers a comprehensive suite of technology products and services, helping governments and agencies around the world keep the public safe and secure.

      ????????Background check for employment or services

      Background Checks

      We offer a range of applicant fingerprinting options that can be linked to major background check databases. We work in conjunction with state agencies, police agencies, and businesses to provide statewide access to applicant fingerprint processing services for fingerprint-based background checks.

      Learn more about background checks

      ? Fingerprint Scanners

      Biometric Scanners

      Scanning devices for fingerprint, palm print, face, and iris capture for identification, verification and enrollment solutions.

      Learn more on fingerprint scanners

      Biometric Software

      Biometric Software

      Software and development tools which can be used to enroll biometric data, perform biometric verification and identification, and more.

      Learn more on biometric software

      CUGI Forum

      CUGI Forum

      Cogent User Group International (CUGI) brings together Cogent AFIS users to learn and share industry best practices..

      Learn more about the CUGI Forum

      Biometric software

      Eagle II Program

      Cogent is an awardee in the Unrestricted Track for Functional Category 1 – Service Delivery of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Eagle II Program.

      Learn more about DHS Eagle II?


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